FASD bill withdrawn for further study: MP

FASD bill withdrawn for further study: MP

OTTAWA -- Legislation that would have legally defined fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and given judges leeway to consider the impact of FASD when determining a sentence was quietly withdrawn last month.

In its place, a study on FASD will be held at the House of Commons justice committee, which Conservative MP Ryan Leef (Yukon) said would help better define the problem and outline an appropriate government response.

Parenting a child with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) doesn’t involve any extra challenges, just different challenges.

"FASD 101" workshop explains the unique challenges of parenting children with FASD. Foster mother explains these are different challenges, not extra challenges, like having a baby with colic compared to one without. - See more at: http://education.alcoholstudies.rutgers.edu/blogs/news-updates-center-al...