Eternal High: View this Award Winning Documentary

"Eternal High" is a 30-minute DVD produced by a young man who discusses his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, self-injury, self-medication and his treatment. Distributed by Aquarius Health Care Media (888-4402963), this film has won 25 film festival awards and was featured on the Voice America Health Channel. A preview and discussion guide are available at the link above.

Addiction Behaviors: We're Learning More Everyday!

New avenues of research that explore disrupted and destructive decision making by addicts was recently published by the .  As noted in the introduction to the article, these important investigations "begin to shed light on the underlying neurobiological mechanisms by which drugs disrupt the "thinking" regions of the frontal brain and lead to the destructive decisions that characterize addiction." The article ends with the hopeful conclusion, "By revealing different degrees of impairment, this research may hold cludes to treatment success and aid the selection of appropriate therapeutic appr


According to Wikipedia teratology (from the Greek words meaning monster or marvel and  speech) was first referenced in the 17th century in reference to prodigies and marvels, or of anything so extraordinary as to seem abnormal.  In the 19th century, teratology acquired a meaning relating to biological deformities, mostly in the field of botany.  Today, teratology  refers to the medical study of teratogenesis or congenital malformations.  Another term for this is dysmorphology, meaning "the study of abnormal form.