What Are The Benefits Of Methadone Maintainance During Pregnancy?

There is documented evidence that methadone maintainance during pregnancy is beneficial.  It is common knowledge that substance use is dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn children.  Anything ingested by Mom is absorbed into the bloodstream, passes through the placenta and is ingested by the baby.  Most often, pregnant women want to stop using harmful substances to ensure the health of their babies.  However, stopping use of heroin or other opiates, can be very harmful to the unborn child, possibly resulting in death.

Water Aerobics in Pregnancy Lessens Labor Pain

According to an article in the New York Times, moderate exercise during pregnancy appears to markedly lower a woman’s need for epidural pain relief when she delivers her baby, a new study suggests.

Many women hope to have natural childbirth without pain drugs but find labor so difficult they end up requesting an epidural, which provides pain relief through injection of a painkiller into the epidural space at the base of the spine. Ideally, the epidural only dulls the pain, and women remain alert and can still play an active role in labor.