Take the ARC Pledge to End FASD

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FASDs are 100% preventable through education and diligent communication with your local community.

Join healthcare professionals and providers from around the country in taking the FASD Prevention Pledge.

Despite being preventable, FASDs remain the most common cause of intellectual and developmental disabilities. As a health care professional or provider, when you pledge, you make a promise to:

  • Educate yourself about the risks associated with drinking during pregnancy;
  • Screen every woman of childbearing age for alcohol use;
  • Inform all women of childbearing age about the dangers of using alcohol during ALL phases of pregnancy.

The use of screening and brief intervention tools by health care professionals and providers can make all the difference in the life of a child and his/her family. Even if you already take the steps necessary to prevent FASDs on a daily basis, take the pledge to help spread the word about the risks of drinking during pregnancy!

Alcohol and Pregnancy: It's Just Not Worth the Risk!

Take the Pledge Now!