NOFAS Weekly Roundup July 7, 2015

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NEW AT NOFAS   July 6, 2015  
Free NOFAS Webinar:
The Role of the Social Worker in Preventing, Identifying and Treating FASD
WED, July 15  |  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET  

The webinar will be presented by Dr. Tenkku Lepper, Associate Research Professor and Director for Research in both the School of Social Work and the Master in Public Health program at the University of Missouri.

This webinar will examine the role of the social worker in the prevention, identification and treatment of FASD. The webinar will offer a discussion on how the social worker can utilize alcohol screening and brief intervention with their female clients to prevent them from having an alcohol-exposed pregnancy. This webinar will provide what we currently know in how to identify clients who may present with symptoms of having a potential FASD.

Naucetaaq Monica Charles Leinberger Inducted in the
Tom and Linda Daschle FASD Hall of Fame

In recognition of her many distinguished contributions to the FASD community, including as a special education teacher, FASD trainer, and since 2010 the Chairperson of the Alaska FASD Partnership, NOFAS enshrines Naucetaaq Monica Charles Leinberger in the Tom and Linda Daschle FASD Hall of Fame.



First FASD Residence Almost a Reality

FASD Communities, a NOFAS affiliate, is in the home stretch of creating the first-ever FASD Communities residence for young adults with FASD.  The 11-bedroom center in Platteville, Wisconsin is set to open August 15, 2015.

7 FASD Coping Strategies
for Monday through Sunday

This article is written by Rebecca Tillou, who was diagnosed with FAS at age 35.  Rebecca lists seven FASD coping strategies including “Breathe to manage impulsive behavior,” “Use words, not maps,” and “Use a calendar, or multiple calendars.”

Growing Problem of FAS in Schools

“Children suffering from foetal alcohol syndrome can be highly explosive, reactionary and verbally abuse others in the classroom, according to a [New Zealand] principal.  Sally Wilson, principal of Raurimu Primary School in Whangarei, said that foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a growing problem in schools.”
- The Northern Advocate

New York Times Article on ISIS and
the American Woman with FASD

“The conversations between a young woman [named Alex] in rural Washington State and a British man with ties to radical Islam may provide clues about how ISIS recruits new members around the world… [Alex’s] therapist says that fetal alcohol syndrome, which has left Alex with tremors in her hands, has also contributed to a persistent lack of maturity and poor judgment.”

Petition by NOFAS-UK to Change
Guidelines on Alcohol and Pregnancy

This online petition says, “Please change your confusing guidelines and inform pregnant women that they should not drink alcohol during the nine months of pregnancy. Change the guidelines for pregnant women. Make the message unambiguous – No Alcohol Equals No Risk. Don’t make it confusing and open to abuse. Prevent Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Allow British women to have the same information as women in other countries.”



Fetal Alcohol Forum: Latest Issue

NOFAS-UK is pleased to announce the release of the 13th Issue of the FETAL ALCOHOL FORUM with the latest FASD research and articles from around the world.  This document includes original articles by FASD experts, as well as research abstracts, articles, and news and press updates.

The Knowledge of Rehabilitation Professionals Concerning FASD

“The purpose of this study was to explore rehabilitation professionals’ knowledge regarding signs and symptoms, prevention, and intervention FASD. Participants were 111 rehabilitation practitioners (e.g., occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech-language pathology practitioners).”

Alcohol Research: Current Reviews Now Available

“This issue of Alcohol Research: Current Reviews highlights the bidirectional nature of translational alcohol research and explores how today’s investigations are setting the stage for tomorrow’s interventions to prevent and treat alcohol misuse and alcohol use disorder.”

Choline Ameliorates Deficits in Balance Caused by
Acute Neonatal Ethanol Exposure

The objective of this study was “to determine if choline supplementation prior to alcohol exposure would ameliorate the impact of ethanol on a cerebellar-associated behavioral test in mice.”



NCCJD : Violence, Abuse and Bullying Affecting People with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities: A Call to Action for the Criminal Justice Community

 This paper has useful information for families from The Arc's National Center on Criminal Justice & Disability (NCCJD).  NOFAS Vice-President Kathy Mitchell is one of the paper’s authors.
Recorded Webinar: Prosecuting Cases Involving Victims
with Developmental Disabilities: A Focus on Sexual Assault

“People with developmental disabilities face myriad issues and unique challenges when encountering the justice system. The traumatic impact of sexual assault may further exacerbate already-existing issues… This webinar will prepare prosecutors to anticipate issues and evidence prior to trial; file and argue pretrial motions; develop trial strategies that take into account the victim's intellectual or developmental disabilities, as well as any mental health issues; introduce relevant evidence at trial while excluding the irrelevant; and consider appropriate sentencing options.”



NOFAS Recorded Webinar
The Interface of FASD and Co-Occurring Issues
with Daniel Dubovsky

The webinar is presented by Daniel Dubovsky, MSW, LSW, FASD Specialist.

This presentation identifies mental health issues in individuals with FASD, discusses why those with FASD have to be approached differently in education, treatment, home, and other settings, and examines strategies geared to the recognition of what is causing the behaviors that we see.