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Rutgers Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies

The Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies (CAS) in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology is a multidisciplinary institute dedicated to substance use research, education, and training. Our collaborations intersect with key translational health domains, broadening impact in the field of addiction science. CAS researchers and educators provide expertise on alcohol and other substance use topics for the public through local, national, and international media outlets.


Our NIH-supported research programs seek to understand how mind, body and brain processes impact alcohol and other substance use behaviors, how health disparities unfold over the lifespan for those with alcohol and other drug use disorders, and how best to treat those with traumatic stress and substance use disorders in the community.


Our educational programs offer weekly professional development seminars, specialty opioid intervention training for law enforcement, workshops and conferences for psychologists and other medical professionals, and a 3-day summer school. All of our addiction education programs immerse participants in the latest models for prevention and intervention.

The Journal of Studies on Alcohol And Drugs

The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs is the oldest substance-related journal in the United States, and is housed at CAS.

The Long-Term Associations Between Direct and Threatened Physical Violence in Adolescence and Symptoms of Substance Use Disorders During the Mid-30s

Most studies linking physical victimization and substance use have focused on concurrent or temporally proximal associations, making it unclear whether physical victimization has a sustained impact on substance use problems. We examined the long-term associations between adolescent physical victimization and symptoms of substance use disorders in adulthood, controlling for intermediating victimization during young adulthood and

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Long-Term Effects of Early Adolescent Marijuana Use on Attentional and Inhibitory Control

This study sought to examine the prospective effects of early adolescent marijuana use on late adolescent attentional and inhibitory control. Alcohol use, antisocial problems, and gender were included as statistical control variables.

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