According to Wikipedia teratology (from the Greek words meaning monster or marvel and  speech) was first referenced in the 17th century in reference to prodigies and marvels, or of anything so extraordinary as to seem abnormal.  In the 19th century, teratology acquired a meaning relating to biological deformities, mostly in the field of botany.  Today, teratology  refers to the medical study of teratogenesis or congenital malformations.  Another term for this is dysmorphology, meaning "the study of abnormal form.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

easily provides the ability to gather facts regarding the effects of prenatal drug exposure (other than alcohol). There are detailed references on the impact of specific drugs on children exposed in utero. Health related issues for children include infectious diseases, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal problems, kidney and liver damage, hormonal imbalance and mortality. The site targets young adults, parents and teachers, researchers, and medical and health professionals. Information is also offered in Spanish.

Questions? Answers

Answer is the answer if you’re looking for thorough sexuality education information geared specifically for today’s teen. This website provides training, resources, advocacy and solutions in support of balanced and honest sexuality education for professionals and parents. Answer is a part of the Center for Applied Psychology at Rutgers University. It is a leading national organization dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive adolescent sexuality education in the United States.

You Can Hurt Your Unborn Baby Brochures Now Available in English and Spanish

The colorful  brochures, You Can Hurt Your Unborn Baby, are now available here for you to download in English and Spanish. These brochures can also be printed for distribution. They provide a powerful educational resource to communicate the needed health prevention message that can protect our children.